The below list only includes funded proposals submitted during the 2004 - 2005 Academic Year funding cycle.

Primary Investigator(s)Mini-Grant Proposal TitleFunding Approved
 Adler, Mary2004 Mini-Grant RFP7,040.00
 Aloisio, SimoneStudy of Halogen Oxide Radicals5,000.00
 Balen, JuliaRoberta's Rules7,880.00
 Ballman, TerryDescribing Spanish Interlanguage Development3,334.00
 Barajas, FrankOxnard Civil Gang Injunction5,000.00
 Bleicher, BobEvaluation of Willing Workers in Classrooms6,409.00
 Buchanan, MerilynClosing the Mathematics Achievement Gaps8,000.00
 Buschmann, RainerOceans of World History/ The Ethnographic Frontier in German New Guinea2,964.00
 Christopher, RennyAmerican Nightmare: U.S. Twentieth Century Working Class Literature1,222.00
 Claiborne, CathyDeveloping Interdisciplinary Casestudies5,000.00
 Denny, Maria & Leafstedt, JillCaselinks13,000.00
 Denton, AmyVariations Among Plant Populations8,000.00
 Dougherty, GeoffDigital Image Processing with Medical Applications8,000.00
 Elliot, JessieConferences5,680.00
 Furmanski, MattSolo Exhibition8,000.00
 Garcia, JorgeProbability7,000.00
 Grier,Jeanne & Mozingo,NancyEnhancing Lab Skills in 2 Biology Core Classes5,000.00
 Huang, Nian ShengThe Poor in Early Massachusetts, 1630-18303,000.00
 Jimenez, AntonioLanguage Development in a Study Abroad Context6,666.00
 Labonte, KristenIntroduction to Molecular Biology Information Resources955.40
 Marquez, TeraSAM Assessment Software1,500.00
 Peters, JoanThe End of Gender: Demographic, Economic, and Technological Forces Driving Sexual Equality7,880.00
 Rivera, PaulMigration and Remittances as Long-Term Investment in El Salvador5,000.00
 Rodriguez, DonaldWater Quality Monitoring for Calleguas Creek Watershed6,392.00
 Thompson, MonaAttend California Council on Teacher Education924.95
 Wang, Ching-HuaComparative Study of Systemic and Regional Humoral Immune Response1,200.00
 Total Funding 140,047.35
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