Faculty Development at CI provides a number of support services for faculty from professional development for junior and more senior faculty members to teaching workshops and training. The activities of faculty development are directed by the Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC) and coordinated by the Provost's Office.

Faculty Opportunities

Interim Faculty Development Coordinator

Julia Balén

Faculty Development Advisory Committee Members, 2016-2017

Christina Salazar, Lecturer Representative 
Lindsey Trimble-O’Connor, TT Faculty Representative, at-large 
Christina Smith, TT Faculty Representative
Alison Perchuk, TT Faculty Representative
David Claveau, TT Faculty Representative
Jaime Hannans, TT Faculty Representative

Ex-Officio Member

Elizabeth Hartung, Interim Assistant Provost

FDAC Composition and Charge can be found in the Academic Senate by-laws (PDF, 91.2KB)